• -19%
      25% Derma Shine Numbing Cream 450G
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      • 25% Derma Shine Numbing Cream 450G

      • $65.00
      • Stay clear of call with the eyes and also the nose. Recommend NOT to utilize consistently on the exact same area. Keep unreachable of kids Shop at area temperature level far from light and also wetness. Do not freeze. Keep this item far from warm and also open
    • -23%
      ADIPO FORTE – Lipolytic Cocktail
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      • ADIPO FORTE – Lipolytic Cocktail

      • $50.00
      • It is suggested for individuals that are of typical L-CARNITINE INJECTION weight or a little over, however that have localized locations of fat and also for individuals wanting to optimize and also keep the outcomes of a fat decrease therapy. Actives: Phosphatidylcholine, Deoxycholate Acid, L-Carnitine, Organic Silica Breaks down stored fat. All Prices in $USD Presentation:  Box of 5 vials |…
    • -8%
      BCN Glutathione 600mg 
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      • BCN Glutathione 600mg 

      • $37.00
      • Glutathione 600mg inhibits melanin synthesis, antioxidant and detoxifying effect. Glutathione Anti-Oxidant Solution plays an important role in cell protection during aging, acting both as an antioxidant and a detoxifying agent.
    • -7%
      BCN Hyaluronic Acid 3.5% 8066 (5 Vials)
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      • BCN Hyaluronic Acid 3.5% 8066 (5 Vials)

      • $65.00
      •  Hyaluronic Acid 3.5% Anti-Ageing Solution a perfect dampness base, promoting the shipment of various other representatives to the skin. A fascinating service for mesotherapy therapies suggested for dealing with old and wrinkly, weary, sun-damaged, and also dried-out skin.
    • -21%
      BCN Lumen Peptides 5 X 5ml
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      • BCN Lumen Peptides 5 X 5ml

      • $55.00
      • It acts at various degrees of the metabolic procedure GSH Dermaforte of the melanin synthesis in the skin, lowers melanogenic aspects, and prevents melanogenesis. Enhances mobile detoxing as well as minimizes the melanosome transfer to the keratinocyte. Dermaheal SB 5ml X 10 Vials (10 X 5 Ml Vials)
    • -18%
      BCN MELANO 5x5ml
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      • BCN MELANO 5x5ml

      • $49.00
      • Glycolic acid is used for its exfoliating effect in order to increase the penetration of the other topical agents, at the same time as depositing hydrating agents inside the surface of the Cytocare 532 (10x5ml) newly exfoliated skin. Thereby reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots and also improves sun-damaged skin. Fermathron S
    • -10%
      BCN Meso Pen
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      • BCN Meso Pen

      • $135.00
      • Meso Pen is a digital mini needle system that opens up greater than 1.000 mini networks per second in the skin, promoting the intro of energetic components.
    • -15%
      Belotero Hydro
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      • Belotero Hydro

      • $55.00
      • 2-- 3 therapies every 30 days are suggested throughout the therapy stages. The void in between therapy permits rehydration to secure itself. Following this, upkeep ought to be lugged in between 1-2 times yearly.
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      • Bio-Revitalisation

      • $85.00
      • If you are expecting or breastfeeding after that avoid using Bio-Revitalisation. Additionally do not utilize if adverse hyaluronic acid. What are making uses of Bio-Revitalisation
    • -13%
      Cellucare (10x5ml)
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      • Cellucare (10x5ml)

      • $130.00
      • cellulite Boost microcirculation as well as water drainage of waste items within skin cells making use of high levels of caffeine Enhance look of skin cells Revise the shape overview Decrease visibility of orange peel
    • -18%
      Cytocare 502 (10x5ml)
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      • Cytocare 502 (10x5ml)

      • $70.00
      • Medical tests recommend having Cytocare provided when every 3 months for the very best outcomes. Nonetheless, there are lots of elements that figure out the durability of impacts, consisting of the people's age, way of living, and also the degree of therapy needed.

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