Bocouture (50 Units)

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Muscular tissue weak points and also wooziness are feasible negative effects triggered with the management of Bocouture. Clients that run NeuroBloc equipment or are taking into consideration driving complying with therapy needs to be warned of this to prevent any kind of feasible injury.



Bocouture (50 Systems)

Bocouture is a preferred option by people, under the SODIUM CHLORIDE (0.9%) age of 65, to get rid of the upright frown lines in between their brows. Dysport (1x500iu)

Bocouture assists to loosen up muscular tissues, by originally obstructing the nerve impulses. Bocouture is infused right into the muscular tissue Teosyal RHA 3 location to unwind muscle mass by protecting against the continuous tightening of them.

Expert clinical suggestions TEOSYAL DEEP LINES must be looked for initially if you experience any one of the following

Bocouture (50 Units)

Muscular tissue inflammation, itching as well as swelling are various other feasible negative effects. Adverse effects usual to pre-injection anxiety consist of queasiness, ringing in the ears, as well as momentary vasovagal responses. Glytone Professional 1 (2x1ml)


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