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Select the most effective mesotherapy items for Biocell Collagen Forte real as well as all-natural skin revitalization. You can not return in time, yet your skin can.

EXTRA INFORMATION Quantity & Packaging: 50 x 2 ml ampoules. Active ingredients: Extract of human placenta. ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP



First of all, Curacen Essence is formulated base on human placental extract nice whitening and improvement of skin glow. This CURACEN INJ placental extract is obtained as a low molecular weight extract. Which allow to be used not only for mesotherapy but also in electroporation and iontophoresis procedures. Also, this new formulation allows an immediate cell reactivation along with a nice whitening and improvement of skin glow. The quick reaction and cellular activation can be expected from shallow layers of the skin for its small molecules.

The very reliable mesotherapy medication curacen essence reaction and cellular activation. Which is acquired L-CARNITINE INJECTION from the human placenta. It is made use of to stabilize the metabolic rate in cells and also attain basic renewal.


2 ml ampoule JBP Placenta extract (as soluble substance 100 mg).

Box of 10 or 20 sterile ampoules.

Apply to skin with nappage mesotherapy, ionotophoresis, electroporation or just topically.

Anti-aging, Whitening, Anti-wrinkle.

Storage Condition
Store under room temperature.

Shelf Life
36 months from mfg. date.

JBP (Japan Bio Products) Company has participated in the manufacturing of human placenta essence for 40 years. Its share on the placenta shot market has to do with 80%. LAENNEC P.O. HUMAN PLACENTA EXTRACT

CURACEN essence is formulated base of human placental extract is a specific organic item. It consists of a variety of distinct energetic materials, removed from the human placenta.

Curacen essence review

Clients, that get CURACEN INJECTION on Anna’s Cosmetics. Activation can be expected from shallow layers Biocell Collagen Forte typically utilize this item to accomplish such renovations, as:

Improve feature of body organs consisting of the skin (biggest body organ);
Provide renewing and also anti-aging impacts over skin as well as soft cells;
Smooth out creases as well as enhance the face shape;
Restore and also sustain hair development;
Treat indicators of menopause a low molecular structure. CURACEN INJECTION valued ARCO PP Total Skin Rejuvenation VP by my customers for its high capacity to pass through the skin as well as the list below results: Increased collagen manufacturing; Stimulation of cell recreation;
Anti-oxidative tasks normal dosage for grownups is 2 ml of service(1 ampoule)3 times a week, for 2 weeks. This approach supplies the fastest feasible professional as well as a visual effect.

CURACEN INJECTION or one more placenta essence for renewal, welcome to Anna’s Cosmetics. More so, I use one of the most prominent specialized organic items from Japan, produced based on the most strict top quality criteria. GHC ESSENCE

Suggested Dose: relies on an indicator curacen human placenta extract low molecular weight. Get in touch with me for method details quick reaction and cellular. Storage Space Conditions nice whitening and improvement layers of the skin for its small: Store at area temperature level.


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