Hyaluronidase HYLASE “DESSAU” 150 IU

It is a very cleansed bovine healthy protein essence with a reduced sensitivity or animating GHC ESSENCE possible. The bovine testes made use of in HYLASE “DESSAU” is gotten from New Zealand from a resource that is identified as being entirely BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) complimentary. L-CARNITINE INJECTION

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Hyaluronidase HYLASE “DESSAU” 150 IU

Hylase “Dessau” is THE ONLY injectable and also without the excipients Hyaluronidase readily available in Europe. All the various other European brand names, such as an example, INNO-TDS are suggested for topical application for cellulite problems.

HYLASE “DESSAU” is Hyaluronidase for Injection.

Hyaluronic acid (HA)-based fillers are one of the most typically utilized fillers. As the visual market is expanding, an increasing number of clients will certainly be treated with HA. With the boosted participation of in some cases unskilled registered nurses as well as visual specialists the threat of undesirable outcomes increases. Undesirable outcomes can imply overcorrection and also crookedness in addition to damaging occasions to these injectable fillers. Although hyaluronic-based fillers are specified as short-term products, they ALL-PURPOSE BALM can last approximately 12 months or longer.

Use HYLASE “DESSAU” to assist turn around the outcomes of hyaluronic acid shots. Based upon an all-natural enzyme, this powder for service can help in reducing Fermathron One (60mg/3ml) undesirable dental filling impact after a facial filler therapy or decrease the intensity of adverse effects by getting rid of the gel. This aesthetic filler elimination item, made by a relied on pharmaceutical firm, can aid offer your customers Hyaluronidase HYLASE “DESSAU” 150 IU assurance, recognizing they will certainly not need to endure unwanted facial filler outcomes.

CingalOne vial of HYLASE “DESSAU” has 150 U. The 150-U vial is a risk-free and also adequate dosage when utilized to eliminate 1 ml of undesirable down payments Fermathron S of hyaluronic acid. Many readily available hyaluronidase items make use of hyaluronidase of bovine beginning, nevertheless, hyaluronidase of ovine beginning exists too. HYLASE “DESSAU” consists of no chemicals as well as no excipients.


Very first therapy ought to be made with reduced focused L-CARNITINE INJECTIONhyaluronidase by blending 1 x 150 IU vial of HYLASE “DESSAU” with 1 ml of saline remedy. When the service is prepared, infuse the hyaluronidase right into the damaged location making use of a 30 scale needle for surface shots as well as 27 scale for GHC ESSENCE much deeper down payments. Usage 15 IU (0.1 ml) of a suspension per one shot factor. For the periorbital location just make use of 0,05 ml of the suspension. Wait on 48 hrs to see the outcomes.

If there is still no enhancement, make use of greater focused hyaluronidase INTIMATE BLEACHING PINK INTIMATE SYSTEM by blending 1 x 150 IU vial of HYLASE “DESSAU” with just 0,5 ml of saline remedy. Usage 30 IU (0.1 ml of the suspension) per shot factor.

Therapy in perioral and also periorbital locations can create swelling.

The overall therapy time need to be no more than the one we

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