Very first kind of component advertises training, tightening up as well as bleaching. Amongst them are Stabilized Monochloroacetic Acid(MCA )Kojic acid Rucinol Glutathione Monochloracetic acid(MCA )maintained by urea peroxide supplies training, cells restoration

Promoitalia. Pink Intimate System 1 box (14pcs*3ml) / Whitening



Promoitalia Pink intimate system whitening before and after It’s a risk-free and also efficient intimate peeling that substantially boosts the appearance of your pink system whitening locations by the ways of skin whitening as well as renewing. Easy to make use of, permits you to swiftly and also properly take care of cosmetically unwanted issues emerging in intimate locations because of all-natural aging, such as, for instance:

Pigmentation as well as dimming of the skin in the swimsuit location, labia, rectum, underarms Flabbiness. And also pink intimate system review loss of complexion Old and wrinkly skin surface area. These troubles do not issue every person, however a lot of us safe ingredients 7-10 days. Because of the existence of the hair. The distinction in pink intimate system results woman to feel more positive lighten intimate areas of the body.

Where to buy pink intimate system skin shade, skin laxity, and also unequal skin surface area is not constantly obvious. However, when the hair is eliminated, it typically comes to be evident that this location is darker in shade than the remainder of the body; that the skin is droopy and also rough. Generally, the older is the individual, promoitalia pink intimate system before and after the much more unique these concerns. While light, smooth, toned, and also even-colored skin in intimate locations suggests young people. Which’s what most of us desire.


How to use Pink intimate system is the ideal consists of special and also reliable components that collaborate to generate an immediate rejuvenating as well as bleaching result. Very first kind of component advertises training, tightening up as well as bleaching.

As well as stands for the optimum transportation system for energetic components. MCA is a by-product of acetic acid. It is not hostile, yet very reliable for removing skin flaws.
According to the chemical framework, MCA has a hydrophilic/lipophilic equilibrium. Which enables the pink system whitening particle to get to the dermis.

Upon getting to the facial layer, the procedure of stabilizing MCA is disrupted by enzymes and also advertises the development of cost-free MCA. Urea, in its turn, damages ionic bonds in glycated collagen particles as well as boosts its accessibility for collagenases. Outcome: regulated collagen denaturation, causing immediate cells training as well as the excitement of fibroblasts. Kojic acid is a natural acid that originated from fermented rice made use of in the therapy of hyperpigmentation.

Pink intimate system whitening

Actually, kojic acid prevents tyrosine hydroxylase, promoitalia pink intimate system before and after an enzyme that transforms tyrosine right into melanin throughout melanogenesis. When the enzyme is hindered, the manufacturing of melanin is minimized. The kojic acid framework is likewise able to support MCA as well as enhances its infiltration right into the dermis. Glutathione is an effective

anti-oxidant with a solid antimelanogenic capability which enables the usage of glutathione as lightening up element. This impact is the outcome of straight and also indirect reductions of tyrosinase as well as the conversion of darker eumelanin to lighter pheomelanin. Rucinol(a secure by-product of resorcinol)is an artificial particle that can fix the trouble of hyperpigmentation. 4-n-butyl resorcinol prevents tyrosinase. However differently than kojic acid pink intimate system results.

It successfully lightens up and also levels complexion as a result of being extremely efficient on the resource of melanin development. 2nd sort of components assist with regrowth, biostimulation, and also calming: Papain– an enzyme that hinders hair development, promoitalia pink intimate system before and after offers simple peeling and also lightening.

What is the Pink Intimate System?
The pink intimate system is an ideal solution for Rejuvenation & Revitalization treatments of the female genitalia.

What areas can be treated?
Pink Intimate System is the ideal solution as a treatment of the underarm/armpit, female genital area (mons pubis and labia majora), and nipples.
What result can be expected after session?
Based on your skin type and the level of the skin darkness, you may see an instant improvement after the first session.
How many treatments are recommended in average?
To achieve the desired result, the treatment should be repeated for 5-6 sessions by the weekly interval. However, the needed treatment sessions vary by skin type and the level of the skin darkness.
Is this process recommended for face lightening?
No, the Pink intimation system is not recommended for the face.
Is this process allowed during pregnancy?
No, we do not offer or recommend a pick intimation system to our customers during pregnancy.
Is shaving required before a treatment?
Although pink intimation treatment to be applied on hair-free skin, it’s not allowed exactly after shaving.
What is the downtime after each treatment?
No there is no downtime to this procedure.
Is this treatment painful?
No, it’s completely pain-free. Treatment is done by abrasion of the skin by applying the pink intimate product.
Wat is the best interval between treatment?
The interval between treatment sessions should be about 7-10 days

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1 Box (14pcs*3ml), 3 Box (42pcs*3ml), 6 Box (84pcs*3ml)


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