The “Net” strategy relies upon the activity of the needle as well as the response to the international body to promote brand-new collagen: the MONO strings mechanically generate skin stress right into the deep layers of the subcutaneous cells as well as generate the development of brand-new collagen kind I– a procedure called “Neocollagenesis”.



The MONO string is a miracu pdo threads lift solitary hair filament of miracu polydioxanone PDO threads lift and tighten. Also miracu needle JBP NANO CANNULA UTW (Ultra Thin-Walled) lift and tighten anti-aging minimally invasive miracu thread lift. Natural collagen and elastin safely absorbed by the body over time.

The MONO strings are utilized to develop a Hyamira 20mg 1ml mesh or a “Net” under the skin. The “Net” strategy permits significantly enhance the look of at the very least 3 high-demand locations: Lips, Neck as well as Cheeks. Filorga NCTF 135HA (10x3ml) With 0.5mm Microneedling Roller

To create the web, 4-10 strings are made use of CHELASKIN CREAM per location and also placed in 2 or 3 instructions. The variety of strings made use of normally relies on the location: Dermalax Deep Plus With Lidocaine (1×1.1ml) safely absorbed by the body.

A web of 5 to 10 MONO strings is utilized for the ALL-PURPOSE BALM decrease of submental sagging. And chin lines as well as the modification of the “turkey neck” Filorga NCTF 135HA (10x3ml) With a 1.0mm Microneedling Roller.

Effects of Miracu Needle

A web of 5 MONO strings on each side is made use of for the cheeks on a much more surface layer and also to improve the outcomes (quantity) of much deeper facial filler shots

Quantity & Packaging: 25 items in teams of 5 tighten loose facial tissues.

Size of the string: differs from 30mm to 200mm relying on the size of the needle. Cingal Miracu polydioxanone

Keep in mind: Sterile.

MIRACU MONO PDO THREADS are made in South Korea by Feel Tech Co., Ltd.

How miracu pdo thread lift?

Miracu PDO Threads are put into the desired area supplying the client with an instant skin lift. As the strings do not require to be gotten rid of as they liquify normally over numerous months, assisting to create brand-new Collagen & Elastin in and around the cured area. This process maintains the raised location and also makes use of “regulated recovery” as a way to boost total benefits by activating the body’s selective inflammatory reaction.

Regulated recovery is a strategy utilized by other treatments too, such as fractional lasers, chemical peels, and also micro needling. The idea is that throughout this healing process. The new collagen and also elastin are created as the body reacts to restore and also restore the location.

In the Miracu needle, PDO Threads slowly break down over about 240 days medical grade sutures. After that, they exchanged water and carbon dioxide facelift surgery. And also are totally soaked up without any deposit cosmetic surgery, in a process known as hydrolysis.

PDO threads provide a non-surgical lift option with basically no downtime and results that normally lasts 18-24 months. The majority of treatments take less than one hour! For the most part, Miracu PDO thread lift will be integrated with fillers to help achieve proper volume.

Miracu PDO threads

Not All PDO Threads Are Developed Equal– Miracu needle Advantages Include:
FDA-Cleared with accepted FDA 510K Number– K172602 To receive this FDA classification. Miracu PDO threads were subject to a strenuous three-year assessment process to meet more than 90 confirmed demands. Consists of extensive biocompatibility testing to make sure none of the products are unsafe for patients’ when embedded.

Individually packaged PDO Strings ensure sterilization and patient safety
Miracu needle is the Worldwide leader in needle innovation
A versatile needle offers less tissue trauma & wounding
Widest choice of threads on the market for all face, neck, and also types of body



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