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Hylan A has a typical molecular weight Euflexxa (3x2ml) of 6,000,000 daltons as well as Hylan B is a moisturized gel. Hylan G-F consists of Hylan An as well as Hylan B (8.0 mg ± 2.0 mg/ ml) in a physical saline option of buffered salt chloride (pH 7.2 ± 0.3). L-CARNITINE INJECTION



Developed to deal with osteoarthritis knee joint Monovisc (1x4ml) discomfort by bringing back the consolidated flexibility and also thickness within the joint.

Hylan G-F 20 is readily available in 2 types:

Synvisc, 2 ml: 2.25 ml glass syringe (containers of 1 [ACL 3401078489921] as well as 3 [ACL 3401076479283].

Synvisc-One, 6 ml: 10 ml glass syringe (ACL 3401048640222).

Hylan G-F is a clean and sterile, pyrogen-free, viscoelastic fluid Euflexxa (3x2ml) including the Hylan An as well as Hylan B polymers generated from a very cleansed bird essence. Hylan is a by-product of hyaluronan (salt hyaluronate), and also they are L-CARNITINE INJECTION made up of reoccurring disaccharide devices of N-acetylglucosamine as well as salt glucuronate.

Hylan A has a typical molecular weight of 6,000,000 daltons as Ostenil Tendon (1x40mg/2ml) well as Hylan B is a moisturized gel. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic With 15% L-Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Serum 30ml

Synvisc includes 2 ml of Hylan G-F 20. Synvisc-One includes 6 ml of Hylan G-F 20.


Hylan G-F is naturally comparable to hyaluronan. Hyaluronan belongs of the synovial liquid that offers it its viscoelasticity.

Before shot, notify the person EUF Eco-Ultrafiltrates that Synvisc and also Synvisc-One Biocell Collagen Forte contain extremely cleansed hyaluronic acid from a birding resource.

Aspirate synovial liquid or any kind of effusion prior to each shot of Hylan G-F 20.

Infuse Synvisc at area temperature level.

To eliminate the syringe from the sore (or platen), realize it by the body without touching the bettor pole.

Infuse Synvisc by using stringent aseptic approaches as well as paying specific focus to get rid of the cap at the suggestion of the syringe.

Loosen the grey cap at the end of the syringe prior to eliminating it to reduce item leaks.

Synvisc: 18 to 22 assesses;

Synvisc-One: 18 to 20 evaluates.

The materials of the syringe are for solitary usage just. As advised by the dose, infuse the whole quantity of the syringe (2 ml for Synvisc and also 6 ml for Synvisc-One). Dispose of any type of extra Synvisc/ Synvisc-One item continuing to be. The materials of each syringe are sterilized and also not pyrogenic. Shop in between + 2 ° C and also + 30 ° C. Do not ice up.


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